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November 19, 2016
11 am
Mid-Tex Livestock Auction
Navasota, TX

55 Horned Hereford Bulls

6 Polled Hereford Bulls

26 Angus Bulls

10 Charolais Bulls
(Guest consignor Bayvue Farms)

5 F1 Bradford Bulls

26 Bred & Open Hereford Heifers

20 Open Angus Heifers


BT Cattle Co. Navasota, TX Sale, November 22, 2014 Highest Selling Animals

Sale Ranking Lot Number Description Price Per Animal Buyer
Highest Selling Lot 23 Hereford Bull $9,750.00 Claude Ciomperlik, San Antonio TX
2nd highest Lot 24 Hereford Bull $7,750.00 Roland Reichardt, Sealy TX
3rd highest Lot 43 Hereford Bull $7,250.00 Raye Massey, Waller TX
4th highest  Lot 32 Hereford Bull $7,000.00 Neal Janssen, Laward TX
5th highest Lot 3 Hereford Bull $6,500.00 Clint Eilers, Fayetteville TX
5th highest Lot 7 Hereford Bull $6,500.00 Ryan Aschenbeck, Burton TX
5th highest Lot 34 Hereford Bull $6,500.00 Harry Foxell, Yoakum TX
Volume Buyer: Jim Gordon Bell, Pollok TX 8 Hereford Bulls    
Volume Buyer: Frank Reznicek, East Bernard TX 4 Hereford Bulls    
AVERAGE:  55 Hereford Bulls $5,049.00
Highest selling Lot 62 Angus Bull $9,000.00 John Wilder, Tyler TX
2nd highest Lot 61 Angus Bull $8,000.00 Royce Keeling, Normangee TX
AVERAGE:  12 Angus Bulls $6,096.00
Highest selling Group of 5 Hereford Heifers $4,100.00 Bradley Hodde, Brenham TX
2nd highest Group of 4 Hereford Heifers $4,000.00 Stewart Sewell, Iola TX